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When I started this project in 2002, I wanted to collect links to all resources of Russian-Norwegian interrellation. (Here Russian refers to the language rather than to the country, i.e. former Soviet republics are included.) It has turned out, however, that the task of collecting and maintaining a comprehensive directory of such links exceeds the ability of a single editor. Since 2005, the directory is not regularly updated. Hopefully you still find some of its areas useful. I know that some pages in the directory do contain valuable materials and good information up to this day.

If you want to change something or add a link to the directory, you still can contact me. There is no guarantee, however, that changes will be made promptly.

Vadim Makarov, September 2006

P.S. If someone wants to incorporate the directory into another site and continue to maintain it in the future, please get in touch with me. I no longer live in Norway.

Copyright to all materials published on this site belongs to their respective authors. Those pages where no author is explicitly given are written by Vadim Makarov. Hosting of this site is paid by Skazka, Russian Society of Trondheim. The directory is a non-commercial project.

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