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Russian exchange students in Trondheim

Top: Education, research, culture: Sources of financing for exchange students/researchers  (7)

Note that the international offices of universities, especially Norwegian ones, can be helpful in providing information and finding financing. If you are looking for a study, or for a stay as a guest researcher, contact the International office or directly the department that you are interested in. The list above represents only few of the possible sources of financing. Most of them become available only when you've established a contact and have a mutual interest.

For example, many Russian graduate and PhD students finance their studies in Norway through the Quota program (the standard Norwegian educational loan, waived when the foreign student returns to his/her home country). This scholarship can be only obtained directly from a Norwegian university or college participating in the program.

Similarly, there is no special fund offering academic positions to foreigners. Some Russians that make their PhD on stipendiat positions, getting a decent salary instead of scholarship, or work on permanent positions at universities. They seeked job offers on their own and competed on par with the Norwegian applicants.

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