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“Russian Boulevard” newspaper. Complete archive 2002—2005

  • Cover No. 8  
No. 8  from April 17, 2005

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(see complete table of contents in Russian)
42 pages, including ca. 4 pages in Norwegian.

  • Cover No. 7  
No. 7  from November 30, 2004

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(see complete table of contents in Russian)
42 pages, including ca. 10 pages in Norwegian.

  • Cover No. 6  
No. 6  from May 22, 2004

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Contents (links from contents lead to separate articles in PDF format):
·  Russian spouse without work permit? Not welcome home
·  UDI news
·  Painless family reunion with minors?
·  Memory lives: monuments to Soviet POWs in Norway (Rus./Nor.)
·  Interview with researcher Alexandra Livanova
·  Russian women in Scandinavian newspapers — a study
·  Norway on Russian TV: "Window on Norway" series
·  Fedor Shalyapin: a story of one photograph
·  Mad conduct of Russian sailor in Hammerfest
·  Irene Shestopal: "Ferrari" — short story
·  Øyvind Rimbereid: "St. Petersburg-vann" — fragment of poem (Rus./Nor.)
·  Russian community directory, announcements, upcoming events
·  Ukrainian Embassy in Norway expanding
·  Russian Consulate FAQ
·  Books in Russian language by Norwegian authors and about Norway published in 2003: fiction, journalism, history
·  La oss snakke norsk: salutations in Norwegian language
·  Crossword puzzle
·  Ed Safin: "Homeland" — essay
36 pages, including ca. 4 pages in Norwegian.

  • Cover No. 5  
No. 5  from January 10, 2004

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Contents (links from contents lead to separate articles in PDF format):
·  New directive from UDI ensures painless family reunion with minors
·  Interview with chairwoman of Norwegian-Russian Cultural Centre in Oslo Raisa Cirkova
·  Statistics of Russian-speaking population in Norway, data from 2003
·  Divorce a la Norge
·  Tales of Russian asylum (continued)
·  Asylum news
·  Immigrants in the Norwegian workplace. Educating stories
·  Opening two Orthodox churches in Oslo, new Russian Orthodox parish in Bergen
·  Report from student conference "Eastern Europe and Norwegian business style"
·  Crime news
·  New book by Ingvald Godal "Chechnja, where widows become suicide bombers"
·  "Ecclesiastes" in Norway (2.3MB)
·  Lyrics by Alexander Uskov, Ludmila Arntsen, Ludmila Gladyshko; translation of Galina Kabo's lyric into Norwegian
·  Story from a reader: "Dreams come true"
·  Elena Petrova. "Hello, Polina" (last part)
·  Rivers in Voss. Return to the grandeur
·  Russian community directory, announcements
·  "Saint Peter" in Bergen in 1799-1801
·  Books in Russian language by Norwegian authors and about Norway published in 2003: books about vikings, dictionaries
·  Presentation of "Stor norsk-russisk ordbok"
·  La oss snakke norsk: about new dictionary by V. Berkov
·  Crossword puzzle
·  Little Russia på Strandkaien (Nor.)
34 pages, including ca. 1 page in Norwegian.

  • Cover No. 4  
No. 4  from September 3, 2003

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Contents (links from contents lead to separate articles in PDF format):
·  Elections in Norway: Municipal Government and County Council elections on September 15, 2003
·  Summer statistics: How Norwegians spend their vacation
·  How you've spent your vacation? Photo report
·  Elena Petrova. Short stories "Hello, Polina" and "Hei, Bergen"
·  From asylum seekers' camp to church wedding
·  Want to marry - UDI forbids (Rus./Nor.)
·  Tales of Russian asylum (continued)
·  Consecration of St. Olav Russian Orthodox chapel in Folldal
·  Job market: articles from Norwegian press about immigrants sticking up for their rights. Rules of dismissal in Norway
·  Natalia Lid. Feuilleton "Letter to the editor from a proud Norwegian citizen"
·  History of St. Nicholas parish, the first Russian Orthodox parish in Norway (Rus./Nor.)
·  Bergen's trade with Baltic countries in 13-18 centuries
·  Moscow Male Chamber Choir of St. Basil in Trondheim
·  Russian Consulate FAQ
·  Review of periodicals in Russian language published in Scandinavia
·  Personal column/ announcements
·  Russian community directory
·  La oss snakke norsk: Curses
·  Quiz with a prize
·  Crossword puzzle
·  Lyrics
30 pages, including ca. 3 pages in Norwegian.

  • Cover No. 3  
No. 3  from May 6, 2003

Download the entire issue: PDF (5.5MB) | Word (6.0MB)

Contents (links from contents lead to separate articles, usually in PDF format):
·  Norway in World War II. Michael Stokke: Soviet prisoners of war in Norway (Rus./Nor.)
·  Unemployment in Norway
·  Is it easy for immigrants to get a job?
·  Do Russians work on Norwegian oil platforms?
·  Norwegian pedophile: "Russian children photographed themselves" (Nor.)
·  Natalia Kopsov. Crime in Norway
·  Marina Kirkevik's case: Barnevernet lost, children back to family
·  Russian Orthodox Church in Norway
·  Tales of Russian asylum
·  Interview with J.S. Øverli
·  La oss snakke norsk: Transliteration
·  Russian tortellini on NRK (Rus./Nor.)
·  Letters to the editor
·  Lyrics
28 pages, including ca. 4 pages in Norwegian.

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