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Magazine for Russian-speaking population of Norway
(formerly “Russian Boulevard” newspaper)
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  • Cover No. 3 (11)  
Current issue  3 (11)  from September 2006

Some articles from the current issue are available for download — please see below.

·  Foreword, presentation of the editorial board
·  Konstantin Paustovsku. Why his essay about Grieg was named “A basket of fir cones”
·  Gamology about international marriages. Part 1
·  Aphorisms by Mikhail Mamchich
(see complete table of contents in Russian)
56 pages, including ca. 4 pages in Norwegian.

  • Cover No. 2 (10)  
No. 2 (10)  from March 2006

Download the entire issue:*  PDF (5.7MB)

65 pages, including ca. 3 pages in Norwegian.

  • Cover No. 1 (9)  
No. 1 (9)  from November 2005

Download the entire issue:*  PDF (3.7MB)

·  Results of the Storting elections — analytical article by Pavel Prokhorov
·  Is Norway ready for terrorism? — analytical article by Pavel Prokhorov
·  Interview with Vladimir Fomin, a painter from Karelia, with a few paintings included
·  Sketches from inside a laundry in Bergen
·  Russian community directory, announcements, upcoming events
·  Irina Shestopal. Christmas story
(see complete table of contents in Russian)
44 pages, including ca. 4 pages in Norwegian.

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