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Subscription and ordering

Individual subscribers:
Half-year subscription (3 issues) is available for you, at the price of NOK 150.

  1. Transfer kr. 150 to the account no. 36245751464, to: "Russisk hus" / tidsskrift

  2. Tell our subscription department the following:
    • account number you made the transfer from (so that we can identify your transfer)
    • full mailing address where we shall send the issues
    • your name and phone number.

    You can reach our subscription department at tel. 55183565, 95994313,
    Mail address of the subscription department:
    Tatiana Dahle
    Nordre Toppe 50
    5136 Mjølkeråen

    P.S. Invoice can be sent on request.
    P.P.S. Subscription price for 3 issues for European countries and European part of Russia is NOK 170, for the rest of the world NOK 205. Longer subscription terms are available.

Bulk subscribers (ordering 20 or more copies of each issue):
Please contact the subscription department. We have low pricing and special handling for bulk orders.
You can also print the old issues that are available on-line yourself in unlimited number of copies.
Those who are able to print and distribute 10 or more copies of the current issue can contact us and may be granted access to the electronic copy from the day of publication.