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Information for advertisers

"Russian Boulevard" is the only periodical targeted to 9000-strong Russian-speaking community in Norway.* The magazine is published by volunteer effort, and is currently distributed via Russian clubs in major cities in Norway (Oslo, Tønsberg, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø), on Lofoten islands, and also in Moscow and Petrozavodsk. There are about three issues per year; print run ca. 1000 copies. All archive issues are fully available on-line, which further extends the readership.

The advertising prices are currently being revised. Please ask Tatiana Dahle for a quote.

Billing and pricing questions can be addressed to the manager Tatiana Dahle. Your ready advertising should be also sent to her.

*Not counting religious periodicals. Russian Orthodox Church in Norway publishes a magazine for its parish members, and you can also advertise there.