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Top: Education, research, culture: Grand staircase in Hermitage (still frame)

St. Petersburg 300 år

a documentary broadcast on TV2 on June 4, 2003 at 20:30

The video should be available on web-TV service. Alternatively, you can view the video (25 min) here:

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Livanov family (still frame) The documentary gives the facts of the city history, tells about the Hermitage museum and about 18th century Russian vice-admiral Cornelius Cruys (born in Stavanger). Women who lived in Leningrad during the blockade talk about their experiences. Some pictures of modern life are shown. Finally, there is a borsch recipe from Alexandra Livanova.

Reporter: Arne Hjertnes
Directors: Arne Hjertnes and Dag Vidar Hopøy

See also: Article from TV2 announcing the documentary.

Video ©2003 TV2.