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Top: Immigration: Work in Norway  (11)

Unfortunately, we know of no Russian firm offering work in Norway that is not a scam@. The most common fraud scheme advertises "work on oil platforms" (on the Norwegian continental shelf), where it is actually difficult for a qualified Norwegian to get employed.

It is absolutely not possible to find an illegal job in Norway from abroad (i.e. non-tax paying job or a job that does not require work permit).

Actually, you can also work in Norway as au-pair (for girls younger than 30, with minimal pay), get employed as a sailor on a fishing ship, or perhaps as a seasonal worker in the countryside. Note that it is perfectly possible to search for these jobs yourself, without paying to any agency.
Au-pair is considered to be a full-time employment in Norway. After 12 months of this job, you get the right to free education and scholarship. Many Russian girls become university students after having worked as au-pair for a year. They can do that if they have studied in a Russian university for at least two years, and have passed a test of Norwegian language before applying to a Norwegian university.
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