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Tønsberg (Vestfold)

Skien (Telemark)

Trondheim, Heimdal and Jonsvatnet lake





Photo reportage from Folldal...


Svolvær (Lofoten)



Article about Russians in Kirkenes...


If your town is not listed here, this doesn't mean there are too few Russians in it. Firstly, a club appears only if there are people who are willing to run it. Secondly, if there are too many Russians in some place, there is no need for a club. For instance, several tens of Russian students stay in Narvik, but they already know each other very well and probably don't need to establish a national club. In Oslo and Kirkenes, there are places where Russians meet, but no organization exists like those Russian clubs in other cities.

It might be also that your local club was too lazy to let me know of its existence.

If there is no club, you can:

  1. List yourself on this page as a contact person for your town/area. People will be finding you on their own.
  2. Look up people with common Russian names in your geographical area via the Norwegian phone directory. Then call them and ask if they would like to join the nascent Russian club.
    An internal phone directory of your local university or h°gskole can be also useful.

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Minsk and other cities in ex-USSR states

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