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Jørn Simen and Vysotsky's photo

Top: Arts: Jørn Simen Øverli  (6)

Jørn Simen Øverli translates and sings Vladimir Vysotsky's songs in Norwegian. He's also published few books about Vysotsky.

Sample songs

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Title Listen Russian title Lyrics
From CD Russlands hus (1996):
   På Bolsjom Karetnom
  • MP3 (2.7MB, 1:55, 192kbps)
  •   Bolshoy Karetny Norwegian & Russian
       Sang om en venn
  • MP3 (3.3MB, 2:19, 192kbps)
  •   Pesnya o druge Norwegian & Russian
       Hestene mine
  • MP3 (7.1MB, 5:04, 192kbps)
  •   Koni priveredlivye Norwegian & Russian
    From CD Levende bandasjer (1989):
       Han rakk ikke å elske
  • MP3 (10.1MB, 4:18, 320kbps)
  •   Prervannyj polet  
  • MP3 (4.0MB, 2:49, 192kbps)
  •   Na neitralnoj polose Norwegian & Russian
       Vi dreier jorda
  • MP3 (4.8MB, 3:25, 192kbps)
  •   My vrashaem Zemlyu Norwegian & Russian

    These CDs can be purchased from Kirkelig Kulturverksted on-line music shop. Text of all songs is included with the CDs.

    I can confirm that Jørn Simen sings the songs rather close to the original, both in style/intonation and in content translation. Most songs can be instantly identified by a Russian who doesn’t know Norwegian at all. Øverli considers Han rakk ikke å elske to be his best song by Vysotsky in Norwegian.

    Audio records ©1989,1996 Kirkelig Kulturverksted.
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